Happy owner of a café showing open sign“We’re about customer success.  We want our clients to get the absolute most out of their mobile marketing efforts.  If you’re interested in learning how to engage and attract customers like never before, you’re in the right place”

  • Steve Lucas, President, Power Apps that Work


What is Power Apps that Work?

We’re Power Apps that Work, and we help small businesses develop customer loyalty and increase conversions through affordable mobile apps.

Small businesses recognize that a great product isn’t always enough: crafting an incredible customer experience is the indelible second half of the equation.

But traditional advertising and outreach efforts are expensive and unpredictable.  Small businesses want a targeted approach that’s engaging and has the potential for a high marketing ROI.

Mobile marketing and apps represent an excellent an opportunity to do just that.

Simply put, mobile apps are the wave of the future.  They completely redefine the way that businesses interact with customers, and represent an entirely new opportunity for savvy businesses to engage their customers.

We at Power Apps that Work help small businesses cut though the questions and complexity by framing the concept of mobile customer engagement into actionable, easy-to-execute steps.  The apps we create excite our clients and delight their customers.

What’s on our blog?

We know you’ve heard all about mobile apps before…and that you probably have more questions than answers!

So let us help you start sorting it through.

Here at the Power Apps blog, we will be featuring all sorts of fresh content to help you conceptualize how mobile marketing and apps have a place in your business.  For example:

Want to know how mobile can help bolster customer relationships?  Wonder what the marketing ROI is on mobile?

Curious to see the success stories of those who have been there before, and the pitfalls to avoid?

Or do you just want someone to lay out all of the details in an objective, easy-to-understand way?

Where can I get started?

We invite you to join the Power Apps community.  Start by signing up for our Mobile Marketing Crash Course: a 20-video course featuring actionable, easy-to-understand mobile marketing tips.

If you have more questions, just give us a ring!  We’d love to hear your mobile marketing questions, and to work on your behalf to make your venture into mobile marketing a phenomenal success.

Thanks, and please let us know what we can do, or if there are any questions we can answer!

-Power Apps Team

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