How does the design process work? 

One of our design professionals will set up a web meeting to go over ideas and discuss what benefits and functions may be included to achieve success for your custom app.

How long does the design process take? 

The design and set up time is usually about two weeks.

How can a Mobile App benefit my business? 

Our custom mobile apps can create new revenue streams, attract new clients, retain and produce more sales from your existing customer base, create new excitement for your business, help spread your business app virally, and so much more.

How is a mobile app different than a mobile website? 

Mobile apps are truly designed and programed to work on mobile devices unlike mobile websites that are not as graphically pleasing, not as fast or clean operating on a smart phone or tablet.  Mobile App gives your business the perception of being a leader on using the ultimate in mobile technology – MOBILE APPS.  And finally your business is searchable not only on Google but inside the widely searched app stores.

How much does a mobile app cost? 

Our custom mobile apps are much more affordable than mobile websites and will give your clients the highest user satisfaction – GUARANTEED

How do I control my mobile app? 

Our customized and user friendly management panel will allow you to keep your app up to date with current events, offers, specials and push notifications.  No longer will you need a programmer to get around to your project way later than expected and then present you with a sizable bill for their work.  In minutes you can change just about anything in the app and best yet those changes go live immediately.

How do I market my mobile app? 

That is easy.  First because your app is in both Google Play and the Apple App store your app is readily available to all who search there for local businesses. Then we provide you with a single QR code that our clients place everywhere.  When scanned our cutting edge technology will know what type of device scanned the code and provide the proper link for that device to make the download process quick and easy.

How will my customers use my mobile app?

First it’s all about customer satisfaction.  Customer are looking for businesses that provide mobile apps like never before.  Studies show that over 57% of customers will look to businesses that have mobile apps knowing that app are the best way to do business and find out information directly on their smart phone or tablet.  Our studies show that in an average of about 60 days app downloads surpass the same businesses Facebook Like – sometimes exceeding the Likes by over 10X.