“We’re about customer success. We want our clients to get the absolute most out of their mobile marketing efforts. If you’re interested in learning how to engage and attract customers like never before, you’re in the right place.”

– Steve Lucas

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Steve & Denise Lucas

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Owners, Power Apps that Work

Steve and Denise Lucas believe that small business should be able to utilize the hottest marketing products for affordable prices.  Being business owners for over 30 years Steve and Denise understand the pressure on small business to get the most for their adverting dollars.  This is exactly why they started Power Apps That Work.  Power Apps That Work is a revolutionary customized mobile app product used by bars, gyms, restaurants, retail, auto dealers, realtors, chambers of commerce, municipalities, veterinarians and so many more industries to attract new clients, keep existing clients coming back, create new revenue streams and keep clients engaged all while saving money.  Our testimonials show our product works and we stand behind it 100%.  So check us out and see how our company can create a special Apple and Android app that will propel your business into additional revenue with more exciting ways to engage with your existing and new clientele.


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R.C. is the guy who makes our blog go round. He works with management to craft content that helps you learn more about mobile (and how we can help you accomplish your goals!) . His goal is simple: to make reading our blog one of the best experiences of your life!